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Monday May 13, 2019
Sexual Dysfunction – Why Do Teenagers Suffer from It?
May 21st, 2014

While the condition of erectile dysfunction is a common issue that the population of elderly men should deal with, this can actually affect even the teenagers and they can also find it hard to achieve or sustain the erect state of their penis. Properly addressing this disorder is very critical during the teenage years for this can have a great impact on the future health and sexual function of the young men suffering from it. Of course, knowing the real cause of ED is one of the biggest factors that can help you choose what kind of treatment you should take.

Here are a few of the reasons why ED has also become a common condition among the teenage males.

  • Low level of testosterone – Testosterone, which is the main male sexual hormone, plays an extremely crucial role when it comes to the occurrence of erection. There are several adolescent men whose testosterone count is low, which can cause partial or complete ED. This status of low testosterone is sometimes the effect of the use of anabolic steroids, the drugs that are meant to help in achieving additional muscle mass or strength. Make sure that you get your teenage son’s level of testosterone tested by way of undergoing blood test.
  • Blockage of blood vessel – It can take place in the area of those blood vessels that supply blood to your penile area during sexual arousal. This kind of blockage can actually be detected through undergoing ultrasound testing.
  • Alcohol misuse and use of the antidepressants – Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs can also cause erectile dysfunction. Paroxetine or paxil is specifically associated to sexual side effects. You also need to remember that there are some other medications which can cause the similar adverse effect. You have to be aware that heavy consumption of alcohol as well as drug abuse can also be the root of ED problem.
  • Psychological causes – Teenagers who experience sex for the very first time have the tendency to develop performance anxiety that can usually stem from that wrong belief that there are a lot of things expected from him during lovemaking. This single bad experience might actually result to anxiety in the following sexual encounters. The performance anxiety can cause the brain to release chemicals which can constrict the muscles within the blood vessels which can typically make the penis bigger. Also, guilt can be one more factor when it comes to ED, given that it is usually taught that sex or masturbation is dirty, wrong or not aligned with the religious or familial obligations and expectations.
  • Excessive cycling as well as other strenuous kinds of activities – Are you aware that too much bicycling can cause injury on your genitals that can cause erectile dysfunction? The correct number of hours that will be spent on cycling prior to the injury to take place will depend on the type of the bicycle and seat. The same strenuous activities which can affect a man’s genitals can also lead to ED.

The right remedy for male enhancement can actually help in curing ED and at the same time, this can also help your teenage son to regain his optimal sexual function. The natural male enhancement supplements are among the handy options you can take, particularly if you do not like to take drugs for the similar purpose. Make sure that you consult your doctor right away in order for you to be properly guided when it comes to this particular aspect of male health.