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Monday April 8, 2019
Magna RX TRA+ Introduction

Last Updated: April 15, 2019

Magna Rx is known for its continuous production of high quality supplements in both the fitness and sexual health market that is going on for around 10 years now and the company has also successfully grown to be one of the leaders in this lucrative industry. The brands under Magna Rx include Lava for Women, Alpha Male Plus, reZerect and many other products that are all designed to help in stimulating sex and serve as precursors. Also among its products is none other than Magna Rx TRA+. Let us take a closer look as to how this product fairs in the male enhancement category.

Product Overview

Magna Rx TRA+ has been designed by a Dr. Aguilar who is assumed to be an expert as far as erectile dysfunction is concerned. This male enhancer is supposedly a slow acting supplement. However, there is no further information about the doctor, side from the provided fact that is a board certified urologist who has been practicing the profession for more than two decades. It is said that he was able to come up with this formulation following the study that he conducted on the sexual function of men in associated to the close relationship between certain ingredients and erections.

What’s Inside the Product?

The ingredients of Magna Rx TRA+ include a proprietary blend of herbal extracts and nutrients that are said to have the ability of increasing the flow of blood to the penis during sexual activities. The components of the penis enhancement pills include horny goat weed, oat straw, maca, catuaba bark, oyster meat, asian ginseng, pygeum bark, cayenne powder, L-arginine, astragalus, pumpkin seed, and muira puama.

The product has been designed to be taken as a daily supplement, with the directions suggesting the use to take 2 pills every day. The maker of the product is Magna Rx that has its official location at Thousand Oaks, California.

Availability and Pricing

Surprisingly enough, Magna Rx TRA+ is among those very few male enhancement supplements that are available in the major retail stores including Walgreen’s, CVS, Walmart as well as other national chains. Also, this is available online although the most convenient choice is to order the product from their official site.

The Bottom Line

Based on the different discussions among users in relation to Magna Rx, it can be deduced that some ingredients found in the product may have the potency to help in producing sexual arousal. The ingredients such as horny goat weed and L-arginine are both found in some of the best male enhancement products and these can even act as aphrodisiacs. However, if you will read the testimonials from customers, you might have doubts whether the blend or quantity of ingredients is enough to provide healthy and all natural effects. That is why it might be best for you to look for other options and not completely rely on Magna Rx TRA+.


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