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Monday April 8, 2019
Libigrow Introduction

Last Updated: April 15, 2019

There are already tons of companies right now that are coming up with their own male enhancement products and today, one of the names that you will encounter is Libigrow. This particular product has been designed and developed to serve as a sexual enhancement formula that can work for men and even women. Although there are two different products, these are both meant to help the users in increasing their sexual desires and making sex so much better than before.

Product Overview

Libigirl and Libigrow are two products made by a company that goes by the name of True3Beauty that sells their product in both liquid and pill form. This is composed of a proprietary blend of ingredients that include cnidium monnier, Chinese dodder, ginseng, walnut and cordyceps.

The product is being sold in packages of 3 and this has been designed to be taken for around one hour prior to a sexual activity. Based on their website, there are no side effects reported and associated to the use of the product and most of the male users were able to note an increase in their sexual stamina and energy after just a single dose. But be advised that there are several unscrupulous vendors who are selling counterfeit products on several sites so make sure that you directly purchase the product from the manufacturer to stay on the safe side.

What is the Promise of the Product?

Similar to majority of supplements for male enhancement, Libigrow promises that this can help in eliminating premature ejaculation and offer you with more intense and powerful orgasms and overall sexual experiences. It is being done with the use of the male enhancer’s main active ingredients. Also, it can be noted that this product will not make you experience a racing heart as well as other serious side effects.

Availability and Pricing

As of now, Libigrow is made available on the product’s official website. Also, there are talks of the product being sold nationwide in some food stores although there is nothing official yet about this news.

The Bottom Line

So far, there is very limited information about the product that is available on the website, including the details regarding its ingredients as well as the process of placing an order. Based on most reviews coming from the customers that can be found on the main website of the product, it seems that this product actually works. But still, it does not change the fact that the product lacks several of the most powerful ingredients which can be found in penis enhancement pills. Ingredients including Butea Superba, L-argine and even yohimbe have not been included in the product. The absence of these components might render the product less than effective as it claims. Therefore, you might first want to shop around before you actually settle for a particular product for your male enhancement.


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