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Monday April 8, 2019
Kamagra Introduction

Last Updated: April 15, 2019

Kamagra is a brand of male enhancement supplement that has been designed for improving the sexual performance of men. This product is being manufactured in India and marketed as generic form of Viagra. According to the product, this has the ability of treating erectile dysfunction and help in improving the performance of men inside the bedroom.

Right now, you can find Kamagra being sold in several independent retailers online and in the official website of the company. The product is being manufactured by Ajanka Pharma and even though they provide the customers with a detailed information of the product on their website, because of the poor translations of information and details to English, the website comes up as something gimmicky and even unprofessional. But still, the website has done a decent job in giving the customers with FAQ pages, several customer testimonials as well as a detailed description on how their product works.

Product Details

Even though the brand website of Kamagra offers the users with a complete information as to how this male enhancement product works, sadly, they failed to give the customers with a list of the exact ingredients used for making the product. Based on the website, it has been stated that the primary active ingredient of the product is Sildenafil Citrate and this happens to be exactly the similar active ingredient found in Viagra. For your information, Sildenafil Citrate is a kind of ingredient that Pfizer created back in 1998 and this was used for several treatment purposes, primarily erectile dysfunction. This supplement works through inhibiting PDE-5 that prevents the flow of blood to the chambers in the penis. But similar with Viagra, this ingredient can cause a few side effects including headaches, hot flashes as well as nausea. In addition, it is not safe for users to take Kamagra in case they are already taking high blood pressure medications.

The Good

  • This product comes in an affordable price.
  • The process of order is secure.
  • This product is offered in several doses.
  • It can last for as much as 6 hours.
  • This is fast acting.

The Bad

  • There is no contact information given about Ajanka Pharma.
  • The ingredients of the product are not all natural.
  • There are a lot of negative side effects associated to the product.
  • The website seems unprofessional.

The Bottom Line

Kamagra is presenting itself as a form of sexual enhancement supplement which can help the users in experience results instantly. But with the inclusion of an ingredient that is known for its different side effects and dangers for the users with high blood pressure, it looks like Kamagra is not something suitable for everyone. As a customer, you need to be wary of those products offering quick results for a cheap price. That is why it seems that Kamagra is another sub-par sex enhancement product that does not only cause side effects but is also marketed by a certain company that seems unprofessional and hard to understand.


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