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Monday May 13, 2019
Irexis Introduction

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

Irexis is actually not a famous natural male enhancement product because the truth is that most buyers usually confuse this with the more famous Orexis. Even with the absence of brand awareness, Irexis male enlargement pills are being made available online under the backing of Lab88 Supplement company. You have to take note that Lab88 has an affiliate program which means that customers need to be wary of websites that promote Irexis.

Based on the claims made on the website of Irexis, these male enhancement pills can increase the shape and size of the penis, treat impotence, increase the seminal volume, boost sex drive and libido and increase the sexual performance in general.

With these claims, it is only understandable if more men are interested with Irexis. If one penis pill can increase the size of the penis, boost libido and even serve as semen enhancer, then, Irexis will not just be a great product but can even give you the best value for your money.

What’s Inside the Product?

Irexis contains several puzzling ingredients. Its list of components includes yohimbe extract, muira puama, maca, catuaba, tribulus terrestris, L-arginine, orchic substance, oatstraw, and oyster meat.

Since Irexis contains yohimbe, you need to avoid this product especially if you have been diagnosed with a cardiac condition or have hypertension. Tribulus terrestris, catuaba and maca are all proven ingredients. As for the orchic substance, this is a male enhancer ingredient that is derived from the freeze and dried testicles of cows. The end product abounds in enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. Sad to say that the source is very distasteful which is the reason why a lot of testers refused and they were put off from trying Irexis.

It is said that oyster meat can boost male performance and libido. Unfortunately, the presence of oyster meat in the formula of Irexis rules out those customers who have sensitivities to shellfish. Those men who do not like to use a product that has been derived from the testicles of cows or who have allergies to shellfish would be better off if they will search for the best male enhancement product instead.

The Results

Based on the tests and studies conducted on Irexis, the results that they got were mixed. There were some men who complained of digestive discomfort and heartburn. There were some testers who simply refused using the product because of the inclusion of the orchic substance. The testers have reported that there was a mild increase in the sexual performance together with an average increase of 1/3 inches in the size of their penis. Sadly, Irexis was not able to boost the semen volume or libido.

The Bottom Line

Considering that there is a relatively small result that has been provided by Irexis male enhancement pills, it cannot be included in the highly recommended category. There are still many other products that have been proven to be more effective as compared to Irexis that you can easily find online.


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