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Monday April 8, 2019
Flomax Introduction

Last Updated: April 15, 2019

Flomax, or also called tamsulosin, is a prescription male enhancement medication that has been approved by the FDA for treatment of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, primarily through relaxing the smooth muscles in order to pave way for improved flow of urine. This is being classified as a kind of alpha blocker and you can take this safely even on a regular basis. Although this might not completely cure your enlarged prostate, this can still be a great solution to alleviate its symptoms.

How the Product Works

When a man ages, his prostate gland as well as the muscle cells in it enlarges, and there is also tightening in the bladder’s neck or the part that controls the flow of urine. The combination of the tight muscles and enlarged prostate can compress the urethra and obstruct the flow of urine. Flomax inhibits the alpha receptors in the prostate and bladder which then triggers the relaxation of the muscles that offers less resistance for the urine flow.

Are There Studies to Back Up the Product?

In an overview about tamsulosin, the researchers have examined Flomax’s effects as shown across several studies.

The researchers have discovered that men who took .2-.4mg of tamsulosin everyday for 4 weeks were able to note a significant improvement in the flow of their urine.

Are There Side Effects?

Flomax may make you experience drowsiness or dizziness so it is best that you refrain from driving or using heavy machinery right after taking this male enhancement product. The chances of feeling dizzy can be lessened by getting up slowly when you rise from a lying or sitting position. However, if the dizziness persists, make sure that you inform your doctor.

Is the Product a Good Choice?

Flomax does have plenty to offer to men suffering from an enlarged prostate. This is being back by FDA and this alone is already a good sign. Its research is also promising and there are plenty of doctor recommending it for use. Make sure that you first ask your doctor if this product is right for you.

The Bottom Line

Since Flomax is being recommended by doctors and it has also been approved by the FDA, it is possible that the benefits that it offers far outweigh those possible side effects that it can cause.

However, if you do not like the idea of using a prescription medication for the treatment of your enlarged prostate and for improving your sexual experience, there is really no need for you to worry as there are still many other great products that you can try, some of which even offer natural male enhancement.

These products for sexual enhancement are generally made from all natural ingredients in order to give assurance to the users that they will not be experiencing any negative side effects that are commonly associated to those prescription medications. All you need to do is to look for these products that are now widely available in many retail stores both online and offline. Just make sure that you search for the best product that offers help in curing enlarged prostate, especially if this is the primary cause of your sexual dilemmas.


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