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Monday May 13, 2019
Extamax Introduction

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

Extamax is a kind of natural male enhancement product that boasts of its ability of increasing the size of your penis while improving your sexual prowess. It also claims that this can maximize the length, width as well as power of your manhood and at the same time, increase your self-confidence.

But before you embark on the course of using this supplement, it is important that you first understand what this product is all about and what it has to offer you.

For this to be possible, the first thing that you have to do is to look at the quantities that the supplement is being delivered in as well as the suggested daily dosage of the product.

When you place an order for this supplement, you will get a bottle that contains 60 male enhancement tablets. The suggested dosage is 2 tablets every day, which means that a single bottle is enough for your one month supply.

You have to take note that it is a not a fast acting male enlargement supplement. If you will follow the suggested dose of two capsules every day, you will soon start to notice its effects in several weeks.

Since the product is a kind of slow acting supplement, its maker offers several special offers like the buy 1 get 1 free offer as well as the 14-day trial offer. It is important that you read as well as understand the offers’ conditions since you are going to automatically sign up for the home delivery plan of the company and this means that until you have the plan canceled, you are going to be billed every month for a 30-day supply.

There is a money back guarantee being offered by the company, stating that if you do not feel satisfied with the product for whatever reason, all you need to do is call the customer service and ask for an RMA. You will then return the portion that you did not use within 30 days from the shipment date. You will then receive your purchase price less the handling charges and shipping in 2 business days.

What’s Inside the Product?

  • Yohimbe – Yohimbe is an evergreen tree found in Gabon, Zaire, and Cameroon. Its bark contains a certain chemical known as yohimbine that is used for making medicine. Also, this is used for arousing sexual excitement among men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is also useful for people who have sexual problems caused by the depression medicines.
  • L-arginine – This is a kind of amino acid that can be obtained from diet and is needed by your body for producing proteins. L-arginine can be found in poultry, fish, red meat as well as dairy products. This can also be made in laboratories and used as medicine. This amino has plenty of uses that include treatment of male infertility and ED.
  • Maca Root – A native of Peru, maca is a tuber similar with potatoes and this offers a remarkable energy boost for people who have low energy levels. This is a super food that is nutritionally dense and has high contents of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other essential amino acids. This is also rich in the B vitamins that are also energy vitamins.

Are There are Side Effects?

Even though there are really no known side effects for using this male enhancement product, it is thought that this can cause some problems with those users who have heart condition problems or high blood pressure. It is because of the stress that the body has to endure during the increased flow of blood to all body parts.

The Bottom Line

While Extamax seems to be decent enough for male enhancement, the best thing to do is consult with your doctor first to know if it is safe for you to use such supplements.


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