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Monday May 13, 2019
Expanzite Introduction

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

Expanzite is among the many brand new sexual enhancement supplements that are joining the crowd of the male enhancement industry, with a promise to increase the thickness and length of the penis while simultaneously improving libido, endurance and erection strength. This has been made by LifeSmart Labs within an FDA approved manufacturing facility that lends some credibility to the product.

What’s Inside the Product?

As far as Expanzite is concerned, this area is relatively dark. The fact that the maker has totally neglected to indicate the list of ingredients used in the product does not seem as a good sign, which is why consumers are left with no choice but to just rely on their blind faith when purchasing the product. However, it does state that yohimbe has not been used in the formula which can already be reassuring to those men who have contraindications to this particular ingredient.

Does the Product Work?

This question is tough to answer because without any official list of the ingredients, there is really nothing to base its claims on. For this reason, customer reviews are even more important since these can still be distorted by men who are after discrediting or promoting the product.

The Good

  • It is said to be made from all natural ingredients.
  • This can work in a short period of time.
  • It has a moderate price compared to its competitors.

The Bad

  • The ingredients used are virtually impossible to find, a rather shady move on the part of the manufacturer.
  • No tests have been conducted clinically to confirm the sexual enhancement supplement’s efficacy.
  • The product is still new and no credible reviews can still be found.

Is the Product Safe?

There is no way to verify the product’s safety because of the lack of ingredient list and clinical testing. But, according to its maker, the product is safe, at least if you will take it according to the recommended dosage. The absence of yohimbe has also helped in bolstering these claims as well.

Are There Side Effects?

So far, the reviews coming from customers regarding the male enhancement pills are still sketchy. For this reason, the reports regarding side effects are not that widespread compared to the normal. However, common side effects stated included vomiting and nausea particularly when it has been taken when your stomach is empty, depression and mood swings and palpitations and chest pains in some users.

The Bottom Line

For starters, it seems that Expanzite is the latest version of a male enhancement supplement formerly called as Extanzite as there are a lot of reviews that you can find online that indicate this. But, the name change appears to be a mere tactic for shrugging off the negative comments yet to no avail.

Second, the absence of a clear list of the ingredients is definitely a big blow to the product’s credibility. Any supplement that would like to position itself as one of the best male enhancement supplements should clearly win the customers’ trust, not leave them second guessing whether the product is real or a mere fake.

Lastly, the price is really not that bad but not having anything to compare this is certainly unreasonable. For this reason, you will surely be better off if you look for another product that has all the things that you cannot find or expect from Expanzite.


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