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Monday May 13, 2019
Enlarge Quick Introduction

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

As the old adage goes, the size of the boat does not matter, only the motion of the ocean. Surely, this is something meant to boost the confidence of those men who somewhat lack in the size department. It is the market that is being primarily targeted by most male enhancement products today and one of these is none other than Dr. Bross Enlarge Quick Power Lube.

The product is basically a liquid solution promising to endow you with as much as 5 inches of growth in your penile length. Aside from this size increase, the product is also claiming that it can improve your bedroom performance and upgrade your stamina during your sexual intercourse. With a price of about $70 for every bottle, you will think that it is like magic has been stored in one container.

What’s Inside the Product?

Primarily, the formulation of Enlarge Quick Power Lube has been based on all natural ingredients, which include yohimbe, a kind of naturally occurring aphrodisiac that increases the size of the penile blood vessels in order to pave the way for an increased flow of blood. It also contains Caltrops, which is a kind of ingredient known for giving off effects of sexual improvement. There is also Benzocaine, a kind of chemical that can help delay ejaculations as well as damiana, saw palmetto, aloe vera that helps sensitize and lubricate the penis and epunedum.

How to Use the Product

There is very limited information about the product except from the fact that you need to apply it directly on the penis. The product ingredients’ effects are well recognized but there is still one big question mark regarding the promised permanent size increase and growth by just using the formulation.

The Good

There is not so much to talk about the positive attributes of Enlarge Quick as its use, application and formulation does not really much or would result to the effects that it promises to the users.

The Bad

Most of the promises that are delivered by Enlarge Quick would not really be delivered. For starters, you cannot find any scientific evidence or data provided which will prove that the use of the product can really result to a permanent size and growth enlargement in the penis of a person. Even though the male enlargement formulation can provide an instant but temporary effect, there is still no proof that this enlargement will be permanent. Secondly, using the name Dr. Bross can also be somewhat misleading at best because there is really no proof that this is one actual practitioner of medicine that espouses the use and virtues of the said product.

The Bottom Line

If you are currently searching for the best male enhancement product that can really live up to all its promises, then, you can be assured that Dr. Bross Enlarge Quick Power Lube is definitely not the one for you. There is very limited information that you can find in order for you to come with an educated decision as to whether or not it is worthy to use the product or not. Apart from all the claims that it makes, the word permanent is not something that deserves to be attached to the product. As far as the name goes, this is only a quick fix, not a long term or permanent solution for those men who are having some issues with their penile size and are looking for a great relief.


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