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Monday May 13, 2019
Male Performance Anxiety – A Lowdown Culprit
April 29th, 2014

Anxiety – that one dreaded word that best describes that worried feeling that you have about your sexual performance getting in the way of fully enjoying the act of sexual intercourse itself. However, in this, it is more accurate to refer to it as male performance anxiety and this can distract you from making the most out of the joys of lovemaking as well as intimately interacting with your partner. This condition can now be cured using different modes of treatment but before anything else, you need to first to get to the real root of the matter. What really causes anxiety and how will you be able to eliminate it from your life once and for all and enjoy better male enhancement?

Male performance anxiety can actually be the result of both psychological and physical causes. Usually, this develops following a case of erectile dysfunction that can primarily affect the aging men suffering from different health conditions including heart disease and diabetes. Once a man suffers from this kind of anxiety, there is a chance that he also had a bout of erection loss during or before sex. Men suffering from a case of premature ejaculation, or coming much sooner than desired or expected, can also have some anxiety when inside the bedroom.

On the other hand, there are several psychological causes behind the development of male performance anxiety. For instance, you might be afraid of your sexual ability of being rejected or the humiliation that you have to deal with once you failed living up to the set sexual performance standards and satisfying your partner. You feel afraid that you will disappoint your partner once she does not reach her orgasm before you reach yours. It can also be because you just lack enough self confidence that then causes you to experience performance anxiety, particularly if you will be doing it with a new sexual partner.

It is still not known how many men are suffering from the said condition but based on estimates, around 30 million men in America alone are suffering from cases of erectile dysfunction. Also, there is a significant number of them who are experiencing bouts of premature ejaculation, something that can happen at one point of their lives.

What about the treatment? Once a man suffers from erectile dysfunction which underlies his anxiety regarding his performance, he can be prescribed with a certain drug or recommended to use a good quality of male enlargement methods. It is also possible for him to be told to use an anesthetic cream so that penile sensations will be reduced if he is afraid of experiencing premature ejaculation. Also, therapy and psychosocial treatment can be of great help for discussing the feelings of fear, low self-esteem and stress that can get in the way of their satisfaction and fulfillment with their sexual performance and ability.

But as the first measure, it will be best if you observe preventive measures. For instance, you have to take care of both the mental and physical aspects of your overall health. Make sure that you check for any chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease and diabetes and the risks that you have for developing them. Stress happens to be the primary contributor to the different sexual issues so this needs to be managed as early as possible. Also, you need to tackle relationship conflicts and one way for doing this is through seeking a couple’s counseling and therapy.