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Monday May 13, 2019
Male Enhancement Basics: How the Penis Pump Works
July 25th, 2011

Penis pumping is a popular but often misunderstood male enhancement exercise using the vacuum constriction male enhancement device or penis pump. The male enhancement exercise done using a penis pump is different from other male enhancement exercises as it is performed from the “inside-out” while the others are done from the “outside-in.”

There are several brands of penis pumps on the market. Some are well-designed and are made of high-quality materials. But regardless of the brand, the concept behind this male enhancement device is simple – the pump extracts air, creating a void in the cylinder that causes the penis to swell as it attempts to fill the void. The swelling is the result of the expanding skin, blood vessels, corpora cavernosa, corpus spongiosum, tunica albuginea, and the movement of the lymphatic fluids. The vacuum created also exerts pressure on the suspensory ligaments, which supports the male enhancement exercise regimen.

The vacuum constriction male enhancement device is composed of two parts: the cylinder or tube and the vacuum pump.

A single stage or straight cylinder is made up of a single piece of straight tubing and is used only for pumping the penis. This type of cylinder can be as small as 1.5” or as large as 4” in diameter. Most penis pump manufacturers make cylinders in 9” lengths but they can also customize the cylinder length.

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a vacuum constriction male enhancement device, regardless of the type and style, is a pressure gauge, which allows you to monitor pressure levels. It’s crucial to monitor pressure levels since going over the safe pumping pressure can potentially cause serious and/or permanent damage.

Selecting a type of penis pump depends on what you want to accomplish. A straight cylinder is recommended if you want to increase penis girth. Since not all tubes are the same, make sure you measure properly. The rule of thumb is to get a cylinder no more than ¼” larger than erect girth. Once you have “packed the tube” or when your penis completely touches the walls of the cylinder up to the glans, a bigger cylinder size is recommended.

If you want to increase penis length, get a cylinder that fits your erect girth. The penis pump can expand penis length during the exercise session, with the vacuum being transferred lengthwise to the base and ligaments. Be careful with the pumping though, as a high amount of pressure will be exerted on the glans and can cause blisters if the pressure is too excessive.