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Monday May 13, 2019
Is Sex Still of Interest to the Aging Men?
April 15th, 2014

Perhaps the results of a new study have surprised some but it is not really a big surprise to others. For the young males, they may probably be relieved to hear the news or there is also a chance that this will only confirm the thing that you have probably believed for so long.

In the later years of a man’s life, he will still hold the interest to engage in an intimate lovemaking. If some are probably trying to block their minds from the thought of their grandparents still being intimate, this is really happening. At the end of the day, why should it not be? It is certainly the most exciting news that the population of aging males has ever heard!

A lot of women and men alike might feel some uneasiness in having to bring up their sexual life at their doctor’s office. However, this is really one essential aspect of any relationship that must never be neglected just because one is already getting older. The truth is, this must be discussed more freely, particularly between physician and patient. In addition, based on the findings of the study, most of the aging men will surely still want to engage in sexual intercourse with their partners in as often as possible. Chances are, with improved communication between patients and doctors, it can actually be possibly for a bigger percentage of males.

Men Have Been Hardwired to be Active in Sex for their Entire Lives

The latest research study actually incorporates tangible statistics to the belief that men have been hardwired to stay active for the rest of their lives. This study has been published in Annals of Internal Medicine, showing the results of the study conducted on 2,783 men in Australia during the years 1996 through 2009. The study’s results were actually surprising because out of the males aged 75 to 95, one of the 3 men is still active in sex. Also, the study has found out that the ones who are active in sex, the desire for improved intimacy is present in around half. The truth is, 57 percent of them claimed that their sex lives still satisfy them, with the 43 percent wanting to have sex as frequent as possible. Of those men who claimed that they are not engaging in sex, 40 percent of them claimed that they no longer hold any interest for it.

Factors That Cause Sexual Disinterest

There are several factors which can cause the disinterest of some men in sex as well as the intimacy of lovemaking. Based on the study, a few of these limiting factors include:

  • Impotence
  • Use of medications for blood pressure which can result to erection issues
  • Beta blockers
  • Diabetes that that can affect the circulation
  • Osteoporosis
  • Testosterone decrease
  • Partners who are unable or not interested in sexual activity.

Most of the medical experts studying the effects of aging on a person’s sexual ability recommend their patients to work and try within the said limitations. There is still a chance for you to remain sexually active even when all these things are present if both you as well as your partner will just take the time in knowing what and what does not work.

As far as sexual enhancement is concerned, being an older man does not mean that you can no longer enjoy great sex. There are now numerous male enhancement products that will surely help you in achieving the kind of sexual life that you want even in later years of your life.