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Monday June 11, 2018
How to Naturally Build Up Your Stamina
June 22nd, 2013

Part of the equation of a successful sex life is stamina. Both men and women need to have their sexual desire built up, and from there they aim to last in bed until they achieve their coveted orgasm at the right instance. But what does it really take to have strong sexual stamina to please not only yourself but also your lover?

Many male enhancement solutions address erectile dysfunction by improving the quality of your erections. They also make you last longer during sexual intercourse by mainly helping you achieve greater control over your ejaculation. But before you reach for those male enlargement pills, as they’re usually called, check out first these ways to naturally build up your stamina:

  • Pay attention to foreplay – Treat it is as a major part of your lovemaking rather than simply a prelude. Help build up the excitement between yourself and your partner. Foreplay is part of all areas of sex that you should experiment and practice in, to improve your overall endurance in bed. Take your time, relax, and enjoy your discovery of both erogenous and non-erogenous zones.
  • Slow your breathing when you’re near orgasm – Both men and women can delay climaxing by controlling their breathing patterns consciously. The longer you delay your orgasm, the longer your sexual journey will be extended, and practice can make this perfect.
  • Pay attention to other body parts aside from your genitals during sex – Doing so will increase your enjoyment even while delaying your climax and extending your sexual experience. Spend more time in the sexual act to help you last longer every time.
  • Follow a regular exercise program – Work out moderately for around 30 minutes a day, at least five times a week, in order to strengthen your heart and other muscles in the body. Additionally, physical activity will fight stress and depression and strengthening your body and mind for bed. You should also try doing Kegel exercises, which involves contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscle. This action works your PC muscle to help you gain more control and better stamina.
  • Live healthy – As general as it may sound, this tip will help you build your sexual stamina and overall sexual and reproductive health. Consume a healthy, balanced diet, stay hydrated with plenty of water, get enough restful sleep, and manage your stress.

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