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Monday May 13, 2019
Causes, Risk Factors and Treatments for Male Infertility
April 8th, 2014

When fertility problems are concerned, a lot of people usually think that this issue only concerns the ladies. However, infertility is also common among men but the good news is that there are several simple ways that can be used by men in order to overcome majority of the causes of this particular condition. Based on statistics, out of the couples who practice unprotected sex for a period of one year, about 15% is not going to get pregnant.

As an integral part of your male enhancement efforts, it is important for you to learn everything there is to know about male infertility.

Common Causes

Some of the most common infertility causes include difficulties in erection or the results of a past vasectomy. For some men, they suffer from infertility because of low sperm count, technically refered to as oligospermia; difficulties with sperm movement, technically referred to as asthenozoospermia; unusual sperm shape, technically known as teratozoospermia, as well as the complete sperm absence, technically referred to as azoospermia. There are cases when the sperm is being analyzed for hereditary genetic issues or those that have appeared in other members of your family although about 18% of the genetic issues happen in those men who do not have history of any genetic problem.

Risk Factors

There are lifestyle issues which can be the cause of several sperm issues. The testicles’ overeating can be one primary factor because the sperm can become damaged when the body is in high temperature. While the experts have differing opinions about this, there is still a general consensus that you need to stay away from the use of Jacuzzis or taking really hot baths. For those who are overweight, it is best to start with planning a good diet and having regular exercise, both of which can do wonders for male enhancement. It has been shown that smoking can lessen the sperm quality as well as their mobility, while alcohol intake must follow safe guidelines. Any untreated sexually transmitted disease might also have an effect on the quality of sperm.

Treatment Solutions

There are some issues that can be happily and easily resolved with the help of taking several antibiotics for sexually transmitted diseases. You can also become more proactive and start to lead a healthier lifestyle. Once these steps failed to work, there are still many other ways that specialists and physicians can use for manipulating the sperm or conception cycle so that difficulties can be overcome. Also, your specialist can suggest a certain method known as IVF or similar medical procedures which have already helped thousands of couples to become happy parents. If you think that your male enhancement goal can use the help of a doctor, make sure that you set an appointment with him right away.

Increase Your Sperm’s Motility Through the Different Male Enhancement Products

Today, there are already plenty of natural male enhancement products that can be used by men in order to improve the amount of sperm that they produce as well as the amount of sperm that has high motility.

Together with exercise, smoking cessation, and better diet for increase your seminal amount and promoting better quantities of healthier sperm, you can search for a male enhancement supplement containing all the herbal ingredients and amino acids required for boosting both your fertility and sexual responsiveness. These sexual pills are the fastest and easiest ways for increasing your sexual desire, virility, fertility as well as for increase your ejaculation’s volume.